We are Info Places

We Build business Lists around the world.

Our goal is to enable your marketing by providing quality lists of thoroughly researched contact details of businesses in specific industries within your target area.



Start New Every Time.

Manually Review

Manually check for accuracy.


Take time to ensure the data is accurate.


Make sure the data is complete and we get every piece of info we can..


Delivered as quickly as possible.

Our Research process

5 Principles of a Quality List

Over the years we have learned a lot in terms of finding places to find the info on businesses in any niche in almost any area around the world.

Our Process

  • 1. Start Fresh Every Time

    even if we researched an industry a month ago we still start fresh to make sure the results are up to date.

  • 2. Multiple Sources

    We dont rely on a single source for information we use up to 7 methods in everry search.

  • 3.combine data sources

    We then combine the info from multiple sources.

  • 4. Clean The Data

    We remove duplicates and clean up the list.

  • 5. Check

    We QA check the data to make sure its as accurate as possible.

  • 6. Deliver Quickly

    We get the list to your inbox generally in under 48 hours